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 Mindful Space

I have conducted primary research into mindfulness and facilitated mindfulness practices in my work in the NHS, in mental health services and with clients in my private practice. Research and evidence based practice shows the use of mindful approaches involving skills such as, concentration and self-compassion can lead to clarity and a deep sense of well-being.


These 1-2-1 sessions are designed for professionals and organisations, they provide a space to navigate every day life. These 1 hour sessions take place on a monthly basis and therefore provide ongoing support. The sessions offer a confidential space in which to explore different areas of an individuals experiences with insightful guidance.

The Mindful Guide can develop skills in areas of: 

Interpersonal Relationships 

Development of Personal Strength 

Emotional Resilience 

Discovery of Job Satisfaction 

Development of Empowerment 


Fees are discussed following consultation.

Please call or use the form below to book your free consultation so that we can explore your specific needs. 


The Mindful Guide Overview

1-2-1 Session

1 Hour 



Designed for Professionals & organisations

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