Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy
I have extensive training in supporting individuals in therapy with various difficulties such as anxiety, depression, low mood, trauma, phobias, relationship difficulties and self-esteem issues.
My approach is person-centred which involves empathy, non-judgement and genuine contact. I  provide the opportunity to explore deeper patterns of behaviour and thoughts that often stem from early life experiences.
Often understanding unconscious processes that influence our experiences can help individuals to feel more empowered to make changes that they would like to see in their lives.
These 1:1 (1 hour) sessions can be face to face at the Northampton consulting rooms or online on Skype or Zoom.
Prior to sessions an initial assessment will be completed so that I have an understanding about your specific needs.
The duration of these sessions depend on each person's need and the progress that they feel they have made.

          Areas of Expertise


The Programs I currently offer are listed below. As with all sessions I provide an initial assessment  will be completed  when we first meet. This helps me  to have a clear understanding of your specific needs and the support that is required. 

Vibrant Ageing

This program has been designed for individuals who would like to develop strategies that will support them to approach life with a positive outlook. It challenges traditional stereotypes and incorporates updated research in this area. This program explores lifestyle and our attitude to age. This is a 6 session program.


After Loss
 Losing a loved one when they pass away or the sudden ending of a   relationship can leave us feeling, bereaved, anxious and isolated. The loss   of someone can affect our lives in many ways. These sessions assist you to   look at the loss, find meaning and direction in ways to manage your   experiences after loss.

 Stress Release

   In modern day society, stress affects us all in different ways. Stress can             influence  our mental well being and physical health. This 6 week program       works alongside   you to explore the current stress in your life,and identify the     repetitive patterns that   might be keeping you stuck in stressful experiences.       The sessions provide strategies   to deal with stress and to discover ways to       respond to everyday life in a more   beneficial way.

Workforce Wellbeing 

Staff welfare and the promotion of well-being in the work place is significant for the development of successful businesses and organisations.  Employers interested in supporting their staff to flourish and grow can contact me for a consultation. Sessions and programs can be offered to meet the needs of individual staff members.

 Improve Sleep

Sleep is very important to our mental health & well-being. There can be several reasons why we may not sleep well. In this 6 week program, I will explore with you patterns of  your disturbed sleep, what might be causing these difficulties and strategies you can use to improve the quality of your sleep in the long-term.



Please make contact to discuss fees.
To help with the cost,  each session can be arranged fortnightly. If you have concerns about the cost of fees, please contact me to discuss this further.
National Health Service (NHS) Discount - I provide a discount for all staff who work for the NHS. 

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